2009/11/01 Fourth Balkan Print Forum, Typographia Magazine, Greece

Now the Balkan printers have their own “voice” to be heard. That means that all of us have power and can state our dynamic presence in the printing industry. At the annual Balkan Print Forum meetings the members and other participants are discussing actively the needs, the matters, the innovations, the services and many other issues of common interest and not only. It is a well known opinion that the investments of big European firms on the Balkans are considerable and increasing very fast. Greece is also among the countries that invest strongly in this region. This development of activities needs the Balkan Print Forum too, it needs its members and most of all it needs our support by any means.

The Fourth Balkan Print Forum was a big success. 170 people were attending, much more than in the previous year. This increase of interest was the result of a very good organization, interesting presentations and of course, the active presence of the main sponsor manroland. The Greek side was represented by Mr Yiannis Rois, President of the Hellenic Federation of Printing Media Communication, Ms Domniki Papathanassiou from the company Graphics S. A., Ms Lia Fakinou from the GA Magazine and Mr Nikolas Raftopoulos from the Typographia magazine. All of them were very pleased by the quality of the Forum and the issues that were presented and discussed. The Greek members will support with great pleasure the future activities of the Forum.

We hope that the Balkan Print Forum will grow, will become stronger and better during the next years. We are convinced that the annual Balkan Print Forum meetings will be for all of us – the professionals in Graphic Arts industry – a platform for strong and effective information exchange and will contribute positively on the development of the regional printing industry.

Nikolas Raftopoulos, Typographia Magazine, Greece