2010/05/12 MEDIAPRO - Erasmus intensive course on Innovative technologies in media production - future developments and trends

The Intensive Programme MEDIAPRO-IP deals with the field of graphic arts and media - the printing and the publishing sector and in particular, with innovations and developments in the print management and production workflow. The main purpose of the Intensive Programme is to provide a specially designed and innovative curriculum with high added value to the rapidly developing fields of technology and the wider area of graphic arts and media industry. Already have signed up a total of 30 students from Germany, Sweden, Finland and Greece.

The MEDIAPRO-IP involves cooperation among five Graphic Arts Universities:

  • Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Metropolia University of Appied Sciences, Helsinki, Finland
  • Beuth Hochschule fuer Technik, Berlin, Germany
  • Hellenic Open University - HOU, Patras, Greece
  • Technological Educational Institute - TEI of Athens

"Innovations in print media management and production"

The scientific team of MEDIAPRO-IP is organizing an one-day conference on the June 17, 2010 in Athens, Greece. The main subjects of the conference are:
  • Print media management - developments and trends
  • Innovative print media workflows
  • Print standardization and certification - the ISO-12647 standard
  • Print evaluation and advanced proofing
  • Colour printing evaluation and certification
  • Advanced printing workflow applications
The event will take place at the Imperial Classical Hotel in the centre of Athens and is going to attract many owners and managers of printing companies, organizations of the industry as well as the Academia.

More information about the programme is available at: http://ip2010.eap.gr and by Dr. Anastasios Politis at politisresearch@techlink.gr

Dr. Anastasios E. Politis
Research Scientist Graphic Arts and Media
Athens TEI and Hellenic Open University