2011/05/24 Seminar "Standardization of the Printing industry of Bosnia and Herzegovina"

On May 5th, 2011 the Association of Printing Industry of the the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina organised the seminar "Standardization of the Printing industry of Bosnia and Herzegovina". Lecturer was the expert from Zagreb, Croatia, Borko Augustin, a certified Fogra partner.

The aim of the seminar was:
- to inform the professional staff and the management of the printing companies of Bosnia and Herzegovina about the requirements of standardisation control for print production in order to ensure workflow modernization and higher quality level;
- to prepare the printing companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina for projects of standardization and for the introduction of controlled colour management and quality assurance;
- to support the establishment of useful contacts for the future implementation of projects of standardization in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The presentations of the first part of the seminar have covered the following topics: Colour knowledge basics and standard print processing (theoretical basis of colour management and reproduction processes for the standardisation in the printing industry), Overview of graphic arts standards, PDF format, Colour proofs.

The production process of the company GIK "OKO", Sarajevo was presented in the second part of the seminar. At this company IFRA is currently introducing a standardization process. Different opinions and experience have been exchanged during the plenum discussion that followed.

All seminar participants received a CD with the presentations, the list of references and other useful information.

The seminar proved to be very useful and educational. The Association of Printing Industry of Bosnia and Herzegovina is expecting that the event will encourage the introduction of standardisation in the printing companies. That will help to reduce the cost of printing materials (especially of ink and paper) and to increase the production efficiency and print quality.

Selma Bašagić, Secretary of the Association of Printing Industry, Bosnia and Herzegovina